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Hi Go khla Yeh,

> In general : what kind of contributions interest you for the next weeks ?

Anything. SliTaz is a Tiny Autonomous Zone, i.e., freedom to
work/change anything without too much control.

> I'm always interested by working on an e17 flavor and on a linux-libre
> kernel to have a 100% free system with Slitaz.

Yes, Motivation is the key. Please feel free to contribute anything.

Here is small list of things we always need help with
* Adding new packages to repos (you can start with committing to wok-undigest)
* Adding new community flavors
* Bug fixing to existing packages
* Keeping existing pkgs simple, lightweight and incredibly tiny
(decrease dependencies if they are optional)
* Improve or add new SliTaz tool boxes
* Website and Documentation Guides
* Most Important: New ideas; Slitaz is an innovative distro. Any idea,
however small, is always welcome.

Hope this helps. For more details, wait for sometime. A Roadmap may be



On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 3:46 PM,  <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> slitaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Slitaz 3.0 is released, what's next ?
> Hi, I just see that 3.0 is released.
> A big thanks to all developpers and contributors for all the improvements
> you've made since one year !
> I'm using Slitaz cooking as main distro since september 2009 and discovered
> it when 2.0 was released. I find it's a great tool, specially for thoses
> who want to learn more about Linux because it's easy to hack some codes,
> learn about configurations files, pack applications and gen distro in
> Slitaz. With this release more things are working out of the box or are
> simplier. It's extacly what Slitaz needs in my opinion, so newcomers in
> Linux can do what they needs without difficulties.
> Now I've some question about the future :
> How do you organize the development when you release a new stable version ?
> I guess that there will be some new issues reports for 3.0. I've understand
> that bug fixes, security fixes and improving documentation for 3.0 will be
> the immediate objective. Will there new features added in 3.0 or will
> stable keep features-freezed ? What kind of features can be added ?
> After a little delay I guess that you will create the base for the new
> cooking (cook the new kernel, toolchains etc.) before add new features.
> Have you an idea of the calendar for that ?
> When new cooking will be developped, how do you proceed when you pull a
> bugfix wich concern stable and cooking ? I know there's some tools in
> mercurial to help about this.
> In general : what kind of contributions interest you for the next weeks ?
> I see that nobody have transfer the french doc to the new I
> will take some time to do that in few days (I've no time now) and make it
> up to date if needed.
> I'm always interested by working on an e17 flavor and on a linux-libre
> kernel to have a 100% free system with Slitaz. Here's my opinion about that
> :
> e17 : things are not stable yet, the developpers work hard to release the
> alpha version as soon as possible. I've try to pack an justX-with-e17
> flavor but there's somme issue so it can be better to wait 4.0 to provide a
> stable Slitaz e17. I guess it's better to focus on the core issues for 3.0.
> I'm ready to start a project when alpha will be released so we can test the
> flavor during cooking development.
> linux-libre : It's a feature I really want and I'm ready to work on. The
> fact is that it's hard to keep an up-to-date alternative kernel when
> there's a lot of change made on the main distro kernel. To have the
> possibility of using linux-libre in home-made Slitaz live, receipts
> structured in the same way that the main kernel are needed. I guess that
> kernel in stable will not be modified after the lasts bugfixes, but adding
> linux-libre directly in stable can be a bad idea.
> To make things right, a 100% free system need some applications wich are
> not in Slitaz right now, like unrar-free, gnash, etc. and some feature like
> an option to build 100% free system in tazlito, list packages without
> non-free in tazpkg and prevent automatic installation of non-free packages.
> Is there a core developper interested by working with me on this ? We can
> start the project in few month when the core cooking will be updated. I can
> create the recipes for the kernel but I will need help to integrate this
> features in Slitaz tools and to cook some apps. The goal is building an
> easy to use and full-featured Slitaz 100% libre flavor.
> Go Khla Yeh
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