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Hi all,

I'm pround to announce, after some long preparation and testing, a new
server for the project, it replace the hold P3/512MB RAM. The new
machine is a dual core Pentium D - 1GB RAM - hostname is tank:

The server host the website, Mercurial repositories, web boot and
provide all tools for developpement, so active packagers can now test
and cook there packages directly on on the build host. All contributors
can have an account some disk space to store files (we have 280 GB) and
a public directory accessible via people.slitaz.org/~name.

Forum and wiki are now on the same host than the mirror with a hight
bandwitch, so we got less traffic on tank.

Developpers, packagers, translators, artworkers... Please contact me off
list to get an account, I dont want to creat some automaticaly from Hg
repos accounts (but you can keep the same).

- Christophe

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