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On 31/Jan - 04:51, Victor Schneider, Ph. D. wrote:
> I found the list of installer programs on your package icon, and I used 
> it to get flash and realplayer. Going to any web site that supports flash 
> crashes firefox. Not complaining, merely reporting. If I start firefox in 
> an su xterm window, xterm reports that firefox has segfaulted at the 
> flash web page. I got the same segfault on a Hewlett-Packard presario 
> with 1.6 mhz celeron M and a desktop that uses an intel motherboard with 
> dual atom 1.6 64-bit cpus. In other words, the segfault occurs on 32-bit 
> and 64-bit cpus.

This crash is due to a missing dependency for flashplayer 10; curl is needed
to avoid crashes. Problem is known and fixed since few weeks.

> I know this is beta software, and I am really impressed by its potential 
> and the work already done. I hope to work with upcoming versions.

Thanks for your feedback, it is always appreciated. ;)


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