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Gee, I forgot the exact formula for doing it. If you use xterm, then su, then tazusb, tazusb does all the work. And, there is a manuel page for using tazusb somewhere on the tazli web site. The real fun is figuring out how to keep programs in a regular file system on the USB key and boot up using grub, and I haven't done that yet.
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hi Victor,
            could you post how you got the usb version working - i mean the commandlines used, etc.
It'll be a big help


On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 3:21 PM, Victor Schneider, Ph. D. <vtailor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is not a request for a reply. I read French, German, Italian, Dutch, and some other languages, if someone does want to write.

I finally managed to get the usb version of slitaz to work by going to the command line version of the installer. I also had some major problems with my computer bios until I found the right settings for booting. Even with that, installing the file system version of slitaz-cooking on another 8 gigabyte usb stick using the graphic installer gets to a grub boot error after stage 1.5.

I found the list of installer programs on your package icon, and I used it to get flash and realplayer. Going to any web site that supports flash crashes firefox. Not complaining, merely reporting. If I start firefox in an su xterm window, xterm reports that firefox has segfaulted at the flash web page. I got the same segfault on a Hewlett-Packard presario with 1.6 mhz celeron M and a desktop that uses an intel motherboard with dual atom 1.6 64-bit cpus. In other words, the segfault occurs on 32-bit and 64-bit cpus.

Real player using the slitaz download script does indeed install, plays sound flawlessly, but refuses to display video. On the other slackware linux system (RIPLinuX file system on a 4 gb usb stick) that I use, real player can also be unwilling to show video, but does eventually do so, if you "zoom" to full screen. I'm impressed that it runs on slitaz at all. The other linux system I use has the pango library, but realplay insists I am missing a pango shared file, until I do a suspicious symlink on a different pango library file. Possibly the download script for slitaz is using the "wrong" pango library file also.

I was having an installation-script orgy using my newly working usb slitaz, until one of the scripts apparently tainted the ethernet connection of my dsl to ethernet modem and stopped communications. Merely connecting to my fussy modem under any linux is a problem, and slitaz connects easily,

I know this is beta software, and I am really impressed by its potential and the work already done. I hope to work with upcoming versions.

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