p7zip receipts + parsing bug

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I've made 2 receipts for p7zip, which could be a useful addition. One
compiles only 7zr (263 Ko - which handles only the .7z format), and the
other provides full-fledged p7zip (1.5 MB) with unzip, unrar, and so on,
including self-extracting capabilities and potentially "restricted"

Writing these receipts I encountered a problem with filename parsing (I'll
file a bug, but I'll mention it here if others have this problem). p7zip's
archive has underscores (_) instead of the usual dashes (-) and it seems
to confuse tazwok as I couldn't get it to cook my packages unless I've
isolated all strings next to an underscore (basically I had to write
TARBALL="$PACKAGE"_"$VERSION"_"src"_"all.tar.bz2"). Furthermore, the $src
variable seems to assume that the extracted folder name will be
$PACKAGE-$VERSION, thus issuing an error when it's another one.


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