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|On Sat, 12 Jul 2008 17:39:53 -0400
|patel@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
|> sorry about this repost---think the previous ones didn't go through.
|> (didn't *recieve* the posts after posting, you know)
|> this is the last try. please bear with me.
|We got it... now...
|> -------------------------
|> is xf86-video-intel  "dri" enabled ... ?
|> also, having trouble using it with xorg-server ...
|> xorg says
|> error: "failed to load module "exa" ... "
|> (because of module "switching" issues)
|> also,
|> errot: "can not find screen" (screens available, but none with a
|> usable configuration" do have libexa installed with xorg-server,
|Did 'tazpkg get-install xorg' worked ? We have a few bug with the
|cooking tazpkg/20080626 (due to new functonality)

hey thanks for these two confirmations.
yeas i changed my posting email.
no "tazpkg get-install xorg-serve" went really crazy.
so went an individually downloaded the package from botux http webpage.
and then did "tazpkg install" from my download directory.
the installation did seem to go through smoothly (and it did install the file ..)
but there could be other things that should've been installed and are not ... (due to bug)

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