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On Wed, 09 Jul 2008 16:02:51 +0100
cooltaz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Salut


> Would NoteCase be suitable for the SliTaz LiveCD?

In short: yes.

> notecase-1.9.3_src.tar.gz -> 856kB

It complie nicely and du -sh notecase: 876.0k  notecase

But we must disable gnome-vfs support to avoid deps on gconf-2 and the
full Gnome libs...

> NoteCase is a hierarchical note manager (outliner). It helps you
> organize your everyday text notes into a single document, with
> individual notes placed in the tree-like structure (each note can have
> its sub-notes). To ensure your privacy encrypted document format is
> supported, along with standard unencrypted format.

Great, it's exactly the kind of packages we search for and include in
the LiveCD, light, fast and provinding features not yet offer.

So... You want to package it ? I do the receipt and you maintain ? I
can can also manage one more pkg... since you notify us for upgrade...

> cooltaz

- Christophe

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