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Here they are !
And by the way, a quick translation of my original mail :
I wrote 2 receipts for 2 apps I love to use :
mpd and mpc
The first is a music player daemon, extremely light that can handle huge 
playlists as small ones.
Mpc is for controlling mpd by command line.
I use to control mpc by keyboard shortcuts created by xbindkeys.
These 3 apps made me throw amarok away.
Mpd-dynamic is also a very useful script, adding and removing tracks on the 
fly in order to have a constant number of tracks in the playlist, and this 
way, you can listen to your entire playlist without loading it.
Here are the receipts, so if you want to give it a try, you're welcome.
Waiting for your opinions and modifications.
If many people are interested in these few apps, I think it'll be quite easy 
to create a mpdbox to modify mpd.conf and also to modify shortcuts in 


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