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Hi team,

FYI, I'm now fixing lot of bug in netbox (see and is update with every bug
People booting from web (see have an up to date
cooking. You can also download rootfs.gz.

Current bug fixes:
- netbox (Wifi part)
- man and ldd in xterm
- tazpkg install md5sum
- tazpkgbox install dependencies by default, installable tab
- bootfloppybox install gpxe

Configure Wifi with netbox:
- in Wifi tab, click install
- in Wifi/Kernel modules: install firmware if necessary and check firmware
files, check modules with lsmod and install modules if necessary
- in Wifi/Interface, select ESSID, enter key select key type, click start

Feed back is welcome...


> this afternoon, we have created the 'WiFi Team'.
> The goals of the team are:
> * Create documentations to help users with Wireless on SliTaz.
> This in progress with Sygne and me.
> * Find or developpe some tools to install or configure WLAN easily
> * Create and maintained a slitaz-wireless or slitaz-wifi flavor.
> Any suggestions/critics or help are welcomed.

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