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> Salut


> I have re-installed latest cooking version to HDD. When installation
> is complete the first thing I do is install gperiodic. There is still
> no Education menu icon. Next I upgrade all packages - and still no
> menu icon. I re-boot. Still no icon. Is there anything else that I
> might try?

Menu are Freedektop compliant and dynamicyly generated, dont need to
logout or reboot.

$ ls /usr/share/desktop-directories

No Eduction file description, these files are provided by slitaz-menus.
You can copy one of them to, set the right
path for the icon and translate. After this, you can push the file in
the wok or send it here so I can include, by the way you can proofread
the other files.

> At the moment the only thing I can think of doing is installing
> another program that installs under the Education menu to see if any
> icon then appears. Are there any other education programs in the
> repository?


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