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> Hi:


> Here's some font utilities for SliTaz,
> including mkfontdir, mkfontscale and xlsfonts:

Mkfontdir, it's a Xorg package so the name is xorg-mkfontdir, you can
use $SOURCE to get the basename and $XORG_MIRROR to download. Strip is
no more needed, Tazwok do it for us. Mkfondir is not executable after
make install so chmod (receipt attached) and depemds on

> I got two questions here:
> 1) How do I get the write permission in SliTaz Mercurial repository?

Send me a mail off-list with login:password

> 2) How can I add font path into Xvesa?
> The later question is about to add more TrueType font path into Xvesa,
> so that user who needs input method can use "-fn" parameter to
> execute terminal with additional font support. Should I recompile
> Xvesa with font path?

No need to recompile Xvesa, Xterm behavior can be configured via
~/.Xdefault. To add a new font, just put the TTF file in default path:


Optionnaly launch fc-cache, new font(s) should be available for X and
GTK apps.

> Best Regards,
> penk

PS: New pkgs can (should if not sure) be proffed by the list before

- Christophe

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