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> Hi,


> recently i have posted in the forum about "My Media System", my
> nickname is ShadowSong_TTL.
> So i have tested Slitaz's framebuffer functionality and compiled
> fbida which depends on libexif. Here are the receipts.
> Please test them and tell me if the receipt is ok or if there is 
> something to change. Feel free to modify the receipt.
> Have fun :)

Fisrt tree receipts tested/modified, all most OK. A few infos: *-dev
packages normaly dont need complie_rules but WANTED to find the right
files. Strip is no more needed, Tazwok do it for us. I also modified
the web site URL and WGET_URL should use $TARABLL so when you will have
to upgrade, only VERSION need to be modified.

Fbida can be compiled with prefix=/usr and dont need ./configure

> P.S.: You need to have imagemagick installed (maybe should be
> integrated into the receipt as dependency ?)


Corrected receipt are OK, so you can send me a username:password to
have write acces to Hg repos and push them in the wok. If you don't
want to mess with Hg, an other developer can commit for you.

- Christophe

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