Re: Nouveaux paquets: file, unfs3, portmap

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Patch corrigé.

Christophe Lincoln a écrit :
J'ai eu ça au début. Je vais vérifier mon patch.


Je vais packager vim aussi. Le vi de busybox est trop léger à mon

Je te mets une recette pour vim, faite il y quelques temps...

- Christophe
--- portmap_5beta/Makefile	Wed Jan 30 00:08:51 2008
+++ Makefile	Wed Jan 30 00:09:33 2008
@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@
 # no access control tables. The local system, since it runs the portmap
 # daemon, is always treated as an authorized host.
 #WRAP_LIB = $(WRAP_DIR)/libwrap.a
-WRAP_LIB = -lwrap
+#WRAP_LIB = -lwrap
 # Comment out if your RPC library does not allocate privileged ports for
 # requests from processes with root privilege, or the new portmap will
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 # ports. You can find out by running "rpcinfo -p"; if all mountd and NIS
 # daemons use a port >= 1024 you should probably disable the next line.
 # Warning: troublesome feature ahead!! Enable only when you are really
 # desperate!!

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