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I wonder if anyone else has noticed this problem and has a fix (either a 
standard setting change or an app-specific window placement rule). 
LibreOffice opens child windows on menu selection for a number of operations. 
The two that I have a problem with are find/replace and word count. The 
problem is that the child window appears on top of a a different LibreOffice 
window. As I use "focus-follows-mouse" this means that when I open the child 
window I cannot do anything that requires mouse interaction - the child 
window has keyboard focus - but when I try to shift the mouse to the child 
window, the child window hides. The only way I can get the mouse into the 
child window is to move the parent window across to where the child window is 
appearing so that I can move the mouse from the parent to the child window 
without leaving the parent window except directly to the child window.

This doesn't seem to always happen and some child windows such as format 
paragraph seem to come up where one would expect (above the parent window).

Dr Andrew A Adams                      aaa@xxxxxxxxxxx
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan       http://www.a-cubed.info/

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