[Sawfish] Managing auto-hiding panels more effectively?

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I like to have my panels automatically hide, and reappear when I mouse
over the monitor's top/bottom edges. I have gotten this to work
more-or-less, but there are downsides and I'd welcome input from some
more experienced sawfish users.

Here's what I currently do in match-window-profile:
(((WM_NAME . "^xfce4-panel$")
  (WM_CLASS . "^Xfce4-panel/xfce4-panel$"))
 (depth . 15)
 (never-focus . #t)
 (avoid . #f))

This means that I can never focus the panel (so moving mouse away will
always hide it), window placement is not affected by the panel (whatever
size it is), I can't alt-tab cycle to the panel, and I can always
reach the edge of the hidden panel because it's on top of everything.

It's that last bit that's annoying: if the panel is on top of
everything, then opening a video with mpv and going full-screen leaves
the hidden panel visible on top of the full-screen video. Same goes for
a frameless terminal that's flush with the top of the screen.

Do any of you have a more sensible idea for auto-hiding panels? My most
promising idea at present is to use edge actions to bring it to the top,
but I've not used edge actions before.

Many thanks,


Sawfish ML

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