Re: [Sawfish] issue with html5 datalist element rendering RHEL7 x86_64

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Your patch did correct the issue on our POS systems.
Thanks again!

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Subject: Re: [Sawfish] issue with html5 datalist element rendering RHEL7 x86_64
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I know this is a really old thread, however, recently I hit same problem,
and found a solution which works for me.

Sawfish does not set the _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS property, which gives the offset
of the client window to its top-level frame (the one build by sawfish).

Some clients like firefox, use this information to position their own
temporary X windows, eg. the username/password dropdowns.

If you encounter the mentioned behaviour, try to use a different frame-type
for the window in question: if I set the frame type of firefox to 'none',
then there is not offset, and the dropdowns are positioned correctly. If I
use a frame-style with a big titlebar, the offset gets worse.

The attached patched sets the _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS property and fixed
the problem for me.

Although old, sawfish is still my favourite wm!

On 29/02/2020 23:21, Trevor Cordes wrote:
> On 2020-02-21 Robert 'Bobby' Zenz wrote:
>> Curious...I'm out of ideas on that one in that case.
> I've had a similar bug for literally years in my setup, all through
> different versions of Fedora.  I always thought it was firefox's
> fault... I never thought to blame sawfish.  But that would explain why
> my bz's went unanswered and un-me-too'd.
> Anyhow, I can reproduce this bug on my fairly modern setup:
> My box is currently:
> Fedora 30
> Firefox 73.0
> sawfish-1.12.90
> gtk3-3.24.11
> The "datalist element" test has the options pop up halfway over the
> text field vertically.

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