[Sawfish] Re: error "sm-open-connection" "Could not open network socket"

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sawfish@xxxxxxxxxx (2020-03-03 at 0944.51 +0100):
> I tried to build sawfish from source on a CentOS system , but when I launch it (vnc based server) I get:
> $ sawfish --no-rc
> Lisp backtrace:
> #3   sm-connect ...
> #2   sm-init ...
> #1   run-byte-code ...
> error--> (error "sm-open-connection" "Could not open network socket")
> Any ideas how to resolve this?

Some ideas:

Crude workarounds (to perpetuate the "poor support because nobody uses
it because support is poor, so lets invent something else" cycle):
compile without session management, or disable uses like the sm-init
one in lisp/sawfish/wm.jl. /grumpy

Now, really trying to figure a proper way, I would start running it as
"strace -o sawfish-connect.log sawfish" and see what is doing exactly;
go to end of log and read it backwards. Maybe a socket is missing, or
cannot be created, or permissions are wrong.

Does the server have any kind of restriction about networks (or even
filesystems)? Jail, SELinux, AppArmor or similar? I assume X11 session
management infrastructure is there when running (libSM.so, libICE.so
in "ldd /path/to/sawfish") if you managed to get to compile with it
and launch it, but maybe something does not allow it to work properly.

Maybe there is a problem with SESSION_MANAGER env var like in
(just an example, different window manager, but maybe...) Quick test
for this: run as "SESSION_MANAGER='' sawfish".


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