Re: [Sawfish] issue with html5 datalist element rendering RHEL7 x86_64

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No, I didn't...and I'd rather not on my work machine. But I'll try it when
I'm at home.

Ahrm, what's "recent", though? The only fix I'm seeing is about a compiler
error/warning. All the other commits in the recent years don't stand out to
me regarding this issue.

"Christopher Roy Bratušek" <nano@xxxxxxxxxxx> – 21 February 2020 15:34
> Did you try with latest git version aswell? I remember something FF related
> was fixed, but never rolled-out in a stable relase (yet).
> Regards,
> Chris
> Am 21. Februar 2020 15:31:19 MEZ schrieb Robert 'Bobby' Zenz
> <Robert.Zenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:> Yeah, Firefox seems to be doing something funky here in my opinion. I can
> neither reproduce this with Chromium nor with Gnome Web.
> I first tried to get information about the window by using xwininfo/xprop but
> both tools tell me that they are unable to capture the mouse as long as the
> dropdown of Firefox is open. Printing all current X windows does not reveal
> anything either, it's not showing up in that list as far as I can tell (or
> at least it is not a new window, comparing "xwininfo -root -tree" with and
> without open dropdown). But looking at that and some other means, it does not
> seem to be its own window at all. Not sure if my knowledge of X11 is of help
> here then.
> Most curiously, after running "metacity --replace" and trying it and then
> restarting Sawfish again ("sawfish --replace") the dropdown is now displaced
> to the south of the inputbox by roughly the full height of the inputbox.
> "Benedict, Stew" <Stewart.Benedict@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> – 21 February 2020 15:06
> > 
> Thanks,
> I should have mentioned it's firefox in my case too (68.2 ESR).I have been
> using the w3schools example page as a test, once it was reported out of QE.
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