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I see that the fix discussed below has been applied in the git repo -
are there any plans to make a new sawfish release that includes it?
I've been running with the fix for over a year now, without other
problems than the fact that I use the FreeBSD sawfish package, and
thus lose the fix whenever I do a new FreeBSD install and install the
package again...

(Just now - having upgraded to FreeBSD 12-RELEASE 3 weeks ago, and as
usual forgotten to re-apply the fix - I hit the bug in Firefox, and
then *again* in Thunderbird when hunting down the message I'm replying


--Per Hedeland

On 2017-12-10 12:41, Takeshi Hamasaki wrote:
Fixed here, too.  (on Debian 9.1, without gtk3-nocsd installed)

2017-12-10 10:52 GMT+09:00 Per Hedeland <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 2017-12-09 23:09, Trevor Cordes wrote:

On 2017-12-09 Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:

Hi all,

try the attached patch by GSR, I'm currently test-running it the
issues seems to be (atleast) partially solved, still needs testing to
ensure it does not cause new issues.

OK, I've put that patch in and restarted sawfish and it fixes the bug
for my reproduction scenario.  I'll keep testing it to see if there are
other side effects.  Assume if you don't hear from me that there aren't
any, but I'll try to report back in a couple of weeks.

Same here, i.e. fixed - thanks! - and I'll keep testing. Hm, I wonder if
another weird behavior I'm occasionally seeing with FF might be related,
where a new window is created from a tab - i.e. as if I had dragged the
tab outside of the FF window, which I hadn't. I'm afraid I have no real
idea how to reproduce, but it tends to happen when I'm doing some
sequence of repeated "open link in new tab" (via middle-button) and then
going back to the original tab (I have "switch to new tab immediately"
on). Anyway time may tell - if it doesn't happen anymore with the patch
applied, it has to be related.:-)

Also you may try gtk3-nocsd, which disables Client Side Decoration
sh** (available from official Debian repos, dunno about other

Hehe... agreed on the **** there, but I'll live with it for now, not
sure if Fedora has a similar thing, but since I use almost no ugly
gnome csd apps it's not a big concern for me.

Long live sawfish!!! (and X!)  Thanks!

Yes! And thanks to GSR for the patch!


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