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Thank-you GSR -   I tried setting it and it does seem to do what I want!

Cheers      John Lumby

From: GSR - FR <famrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: September 3, 2017 7:24 PM
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Subject: [Sawfish] Re: map every new window iconified?
johnlumby@xxxxxxxxxxx (2017-08-31 at 1404.39 +0000):
> The reason is that , along with other posters in various lists, I
> want to prevent a "slow-starting" X-application from suddenly
> grabbing my keystrokes and sometimes causing damage to both my
> current focus and this new one.

There is focus-windows-when-mapped option. Windows will appear, but
not get focus, if you set it to nil (or use the GUI to change). But
you will probably have to select click focus mode, as it doesn't seem
to work 100% realiably (other modes seem to set focus in some cases).

If that doesn't fit, you will have to dig deeper.


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