[Sawfish] place-window-mode breaks gnome-terminal --geometry

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Hi!  I'm having issues with gnome-terminal's (gt's) --geometry option with 
certain sawfish settings.  In sawfish-config misc->placement if I have 
place-window-mode set to centered then gt ignores any --geometry placement 
I pass to gnome-terminal.  If I set it to "none" then gt's --geometry once 
again works.

Here's where it gets weird:

1. xterm's --geometry works regardless of place-window-mode!  In other 
words, I can have "centered" on (my preference) and *some* programs' 
--geometry works fine;

2. I'm positive that even gt's --geometry used to work *before* gt 
introduced this bug:
in which they removed support for --geometry completely.  Now that that 
bug is fixed and --geometry works again in gt, I have this new limitation.

I'm a bit flummoxed as to whether this is a sawfish problem, a gt problem, 
or a gtk (or something else) problem?  Surely if xterm can have 
centered+geometry coexist, why can't gt?

It's be great if another sawfish user could run a quick gt --geometry test 
and play with those options to see if it's just me or not.  Note: the 
*sizing* portion of --geometry always works, it's just the placement part 
that is giving me grief.

Additionally, in the sawfish-config gui, no matter what I do, I can't get 
"ignore program-specified window placements" to stay *unchecked*.  It will 
let me toggle the checkmark, but if I close and restart sawfish-config the 
checkmark is back again!  If I check ~/.sawfish/custom the 
ignore-program-positions is never 'f' (false), it's either blank () or 
(t).  That option also sounds like it may be relevant to me here, but 
since the config gui is broken for it, I can't play with it as much.  I 
tried editing the custom file by hand, but I don't know how to trigger the 
running sawfish to read my changes.


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