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On 2016-07-30, 13:09, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
you could modify
to your needs. It is read when no ~/.sawfish/custom exists.

Great! This works! The only thing is that my distro packaging has this file as normal part of the package not configuration file, and therefore will be overwritten the next time the package updated. Should this file considered as configuration file? Is there any LISP files that should be considered as configuration file?

Another related question: how about stuff that usually under ".sawfish/rc" (i.e. to start external applications), where can I put this that will apply to all users that doesn't have ".sawfish/rc"? I tried to put (system "<program>") but it gave error, "Error: No such custom setter: system".

Or you could create:
with your changes (though I never tested this).

This unfortunately does not work, I also cannot find anywhere in my sawfish installation that point to this directory.


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