Re: [Sawfish] libsdl2 wrong window size reported [was: Building .deb from sources: more libtool problems]

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Resolved. It was an mxflat setting: border-offset was set to -1. I did
not realise such magic was possible!


Rafal Kolanski

On 08/02/16 01:46, Rafal Kolanski wrote:
> Hi again,
> I solved the libtool problems. Wrong dependency cascaded through into
> the .debs, entirely my fault.
> However, the original SDL2 problem is still present in the latest
> repository versions:
> When using SDL2 to create a 640x480 window, sawfish 1.9.90 does not
> report window border sizes correctly and a window with a canvas size of
> 638x478 results, while SDL2 thinks it's 640x480 and parts of the canvas
> are not rendered. Using xfwm4 does not have any problems of this kind.
> I'm attaching a short example which demonstrates this on my system
> (Ubuntu vivid 64bit, NVIDIA GTX 560Ti running closed-source drivers).
> Does anyone know where this problem might originate from so that I can
> investigate further?
> Sincerely,
> Rafal Kolanski

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