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Am 03.02.2016 um 23:51 schrieb Trevor Cordes:
> On 2016-02-03 Stefan Husmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I start X and sawfish over a .xinitrc, not using any display manager.
>> I also start a few other programs that way, but they all appear on
>> the first desktop. Can I use sawfish to distribute some programs over
>> the desktops, for instance start program A and B on first desktop,
>> program C on second and D on third one?
> Hi!  I do this exact thing, here's how:
> in sawfish-conf -> window rules
> Add one for each workspace(ws) (what you are calling a "desktop").  I
> name the rules ws1, ws2, etc.
> Matchers should be: role -> ws1
> geometry check the workspace box and set the ws number to match the
> name (i.e. 1).
> Then in your scripts or whatever you use to launch all your programs
> add --role='ws1' to each command line.  For instance, I use:
> gnome-terminal --geometry=175x28+1927+0	--role='ws4' -e 'tcsh -c\
>  "cd ~/Music/Fax && exec tcsh"'

thanks, that helped me a lot. Not in detail, but in principle.

I had in mind thunderbird and conkeror, and both of these applications unfortunately do not understand the --role command line option. What worked was to use "class" as matcher and let sawfish-conf's "grab" feature do the rest. It is working.

Sawfish-conf produces some lisp code in the custom file:

(custom-set-typed-variable (quote match-window-profile) (quote ((((WM_CLASS . "^Thunderbird/Mail$")) (workspace . 3) (new-viewport . #f) (maximized . fullscreen)) (((WM_CLASS . "^Conkeror/Navigator$")) (workspace . 2) (maximized . fullscreen)))) (quote match-window) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.match-window))

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