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Hi folks,

I did some refinements on our tiling functions and it's almost done. So I'd 
like to encourage you to try it out. Example configuration:

;; Tiling
(require 'sawfish.wm.tile.tile)
(tall-tiling 0 #:width 1.75 #:top 0 #:bottom 0 #:gap 3 #:max 3)
(col-tiling 0 #:top 0 #:bottom 0 #:gap 3 #:cols 3)
(bind-keys global-keymap
	   "C-S-KP_Add" 'increase-max-windows
	   "C-S-KP_Subtract" 'decrease-max-windows
	   "C-M-KP_Add" 'increase-cols
	   "C-M-KP_Subtract" 'decrease-cols
	   "C-M-Right" 'tall-rotate-right
	   "C-M-Left" 'tall-rotate-left
	   "C-F11" 'next-tiling)

first arg for *tiling is the workspace, so you can have different tilings for 
different workspaces. The latest set-up tiler for a workspace is the default 
one, column-tiling in this case.

With next-tiling you can switch between the tiling modes, column => tall => 
none in this case. In column tiling all windows are tiled into same-size 
columns, in tall tiling, there's a big window on the left and smaller ones 
right. So I personally recommend column tiling for multi-heads.

tall-rotate-right and tall-rotate-left let you "cycle" through the windows, so 
can always choose which window is the bigger one on the left. There's no such 
function for column tiling, as all windows already have the same size.

Maybe I'll look into adding a row tiling.


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