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I've just moved to slackware (64bit) and I'm having trouble building. Are there any known problems or am I just doing something stupid?

I thought that I had built and installed librep successfully; but when trying to build rep-gtk I get:

    root@one:~/build/rep-gtk- make
    Makefile:20: /usr/local/lib/rep/rules.mk: No such file or directory
    make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/local/lib/rep/rules.mk'.  Stop.

Now I can probably cure this by either adjusting the makefile or copying rules.mk from the librep build directory into /usr/local/lib/rep but that's not exactly the point; if I am needing to tamper with the build then I wonder if I am doing something stupid in the build+install of librep or the build+install of rep-gtk.

Has anyone else built this on Slackware 14 (x64) and can offer any clues? I am building from these sources, which I downloaded this weekend:


Thanks, Richard.

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