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Hi there,

as you might know I'm also working on other projects than Sawfish. I wanted to 
ask for some testers and new ideas for one of them (so you can safely ignore 
this e-mail if you're not interessted in anything else than Sawfish).

The project I'm asking for is "BashStyle-NG" v8.00. It spices Bash up with 
several new functions and an graphical (sic!) settings editor. v8.00 contains 
many under-the-hood changes compared to v7.x, for example a completely new 
settings storage (no more utterly-slow GConf, now using ConfigObj).

Most of the new version is finished, docs & minor stuff are missing.

In case you're interessted you can checkout the latest version from:
git clone git://git.tuxfamily.org/gitroot/bashstyleng/bashstyleng.git


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