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On Tue, 8 Jan 2013 07:58:27 +0900
wrote "Andrew A. Adams" <aaa@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>I've got a really odd problem with Firefox that I think must be to do with 
>some setting it's telling sawfish about. Suddenly my Firefox window shrank to 
>a fifth its normal width, lost the "maximise" toolbar button and whenever I 
>try to resize the window it jumps down to zero size (vertical or horizontal) 
>and I can only get it to then resize back up to the narrow size it was 
>before. I've had this happen once or twice before but a restart of Firefox 
>fixed it then, but not this time. Even a reboot hasn't fixed it. I'm at a 
>loss to even know what triggered it. I was using Firefox at the time but 
>wasn't doing window operations with it. I've tried moving my .sawfish/custom 
>file and restarting sawfish, including then restarting Firefox, but still no 
>joy. I've even erased and reinstalled Firefox with no change.
>Any ideas?

In sawfish-1.9.90 is a fix for firefox. 

2012-11-26  Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * src/windows.c: cap max-width / max-height of a window, if it
exceeds 32767 (X11 maximum) -- fixes odd window-behaviour with Firefox
17 (original patch by Michael Panteleit)


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