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Hi Richard,

I am not an expert on this, but from reading the documentation, it seems
that there is a set number of window-frames to which windows refer
to. In other words, not every window has its own frame. Windows share

if you don't mind, why don't you explain us exactly what your use-case


 Richard> I'm playing with frame parts and I cannot work out if I am trying to do something that can't be done or if I am being stupid.
 Richard> How can I reliably change the properties of a frame part on one window only?

 Richard> Simple case; in sawfish-client it is simple to get a window and get it's frame:

 Richard> (setq a (select-window))
 Richard> (setq b (window-frame a))

 Richard> It is then simple to get to part of the frame - and change the values:

 Richard> (nth 2 (nth 3 b))

 Richard>  -> shows (right-edge . 90)

 Richard> (rplacd (nth 2 (nth 3 b)) 100)
 Richard>  -> shows (right-edge . 100)

 Richard> Now is where it starts to go wrong. Despite repeated calls to 

 Richard> (refresh-window a)

 Richard> the change does not appear on screen - rather the change happens
 Richard> suddenly when the window is redrawn, for instance on a resize. Also,
 Richard> when I create a new window (or resize another window) I find that the
 Richard> change has happened to that frame part on all windows.

 Richard> Am I trying to do something that cannot be done - or am I going about this stupidly?

 Richard> Many thanks, Richard.

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