[Sawfish] Russian kbd layout and keyboard/mouse events (was: Bug report)

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On Пнд, Ноя 19 2012 at 19:42, Victor Porton wrote:

> When the keyboard is in Russian mode, clicking mouse to the window
> buttons have no effect. For example when the keyboard is in Russian
> mode clicking Close (X) button does not close the window.

I confirm. Moreover, when you switch to empty desktop when Russian
layout enabled, you can't get back using keyboard shortcuts.

> I use Linux with Gnome 3.

Standalone Sawfish.

The bug was introduced about a couple of years ago. Personally, I use
Emacs for Russian most of the time, so I face the bug rarely. Of course
it is not an excuse — the bug should have been reported and fixed in
time. But better late then never…

It may be a good idea to fix it before 1.10. I'm not really a Sawfish
hacker, so any help will be appreciated. The first question — what to
start the investigation with?



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