[Sawfish] Is it possible to specify sizes of heads?

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I'm using sawfish on remote vnc server which has size to spread across
my dual head environment. The problem I have is that sawfish managing
windows in this vnc server does not know anything about my monitor sizes
and maximizing windows is unusable for me as windows are maximized to
cover both monitors.

I've found out that sawfish has a group of functions used to get
information about multiple heads geometry and my question is is it
possible to provide this configuration manually with something like:

(set-heads-count 2)
(set-head-dimensions 0 1280 1024)
(set-head-dimensions 1 1280 1024)
(set-head-offsets 0 0 0)
(set-head-offsets 1 1280 0)

Tomasz Gajewski

Sawfish ML

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