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On Friday 13 July 2012 15:29:17 vinurs wrote:

> Hi,

> I change my wm to sawfish now, and I bind C-menu to pop-up root menu,

> now, i need the following settings:

> 1. press C-n、C-p can select menu down and up, just like the up

> and down arrow keys!

> 2. when one menu has a next menu, then press C-f can enter the

> next menu, just like the right arrow, and the same, C-b back to the

> previous menu, just like the left arrow!

> 3. press C-q can quit the menu, just like the <ESC>

> How to do this settings? sorry for my poor English, thanks a lot!


If you mean you want to navigate using C-n instead of ↓ ...


This is a real GtkWidget, so you can't just change the key-bindings, just as Sawfish can't change the key-bindings for eg. Firefox. But there's a trick.


window-matcher keymap-trans.




( add-window-matcher '(( WM_CLASS . "THE_WINDOWS_WM_CLASS" ))

'(( keymap-trans . (( "C-n" "Down")))))


That means: you press C-n, but the window receives Down. With that you can basically "adjust" any windows' key-bindings to your likes.






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