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I work as a blender dev and have been involved in encouraging more
devs to get involved with our project (with some success? :) ).

heres my 2c.

*** Make building as EASY AS POSSIBLE ***

I might not put this first, except that previously I had a lot of
trouble building sawfish, and not just on once off - different PC's,
distros, before the project revived too.
Probably half of the troubles I have are that I like to install
sawfish to a custom prefix /opt/sawfish for eg. This means I have to
point to a custom librep, librep/gtk etc... which i couldn't always
get working.

Recently I tried building with Aur on arch and had a very strange
error running `make install`. where I had to delete a file after make
started but before it finished else it would complain the file was
already existing and quit. - Not sure if this is Aur-pkg's error or

While I cant tell you how to run things, it would be really nice if
there was some way to checkout librep/rep-gtk/sawfish at once and
build all at once.

Possibly this could be done with git-submodules?
The root dir could have some shell script to build all (so this is
10min work, not a large restructure).

As an example - heres a shell script to download/build and install llvm/clang -

Correct me if Im wrong but last I tried, sawfish was more trouble to
install then this (if a window manager is harder to build then a C/C++
compiler.... somethings wrong?)
also note that I've built openbox, fluxbox, icewm, notion,
windowmaker, jwm - and sawfish is by far the most complicated to get
built and running.

(on a side note I used to build my own kernel. gcc. glibc xorg, Im
familier with building different software and found sawfish quite
difficult to build)

For me. not being able to do this....

git pull ****; ./configure --prefix=/opt/sawfish; make install

.... is a big stumbling block for getting involved with the source ---
(or svn/hg/bzr, - scons/cmake etc equivalents)

--- take this with a grain of salt, perhaps I missed something here or
just had a lot of bad luck

Sawfish ML

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