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Hi folks,

I've been using KDE 4.7.4 since December on a debian wheezy system. It runs great. The standard KDE for wheezy is 4.6.5 but the link below will take you to debian experimental and show you how to upgrade to 4.7.4:

I really like my new KDE 4.7.4 system. I have gnome3 minimal in the background to run the gnome programs that I kept.

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 7:02 AM, Vegard Vesterheim <vegard.vesterheim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 16 Feb 2012 16:33:01 -0500 Rodrigo Amestica <ramestica@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But I still wonder, what's the favorite desktop environment of choice?

I have tried various configurations through the years. I have found that
the choice of desktop environment doesn't matter much to me. Nowadays I
mostly end up with running "killall metacity; sawfish&" as part of my
GNOME2 session startup.

My desktop experience wouldn't change much if I decided to skip GNOME
and just use sawfish as my entire session. Granted, there are some
features in "modern desktops" which are nice to have, but for me, these
are not essential. I cannot, however, imagine using a desktop without a
flexible and configurable window manager like sawfish.

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