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Hi!  I have used sawfish since Metacity (yuck) came out.  Love it!  Great 

I have one little problem: every 1-3 weeks my wm crashes and restarts.  
The only error I can see anywhere is on the console: "rep received fatal 
signal segmentation fault"

Are there any other logs I can look in?

When it crashes, it restarts, but all my windows are shifted down and to 
the right by the size of the titlebar/frame width.  So I have to then 
reposition all my windows to how I want them (some are off-screen a bit, 
etc).  Since I have about 200 windows open, this is a big pain.

It has crashed every couple of weeks on me for years, throughout many 
versions of sawfish/librep/rep-gtk.  I always try to get up to the latest 
version hoping it is fixed, but it never is.

I'm eager to get this solved and am pretty good at using tracing / 
debugging / logging tools and can find my way around C source.

A word about my environment, in case it's relevant: dual monitor 1600x1200 
using xorg R&R. Fedora 16. Stock Fedora sawfish rpms now that it's back in 
Fedora's stock repo.  I never log out and I have 16 workspaces.  Each 
workspace will have 5-30 windows open in it.  I probably have 200 windows 
open on average.

The crash always seems to happen when opening a new window (though I can't 
always be sure as it happens very fast).  I see the window open and then 
all the frames disappear and sawfish does its crash/restart cycle and 
redraws all the frames.  Usually it's on opening a firefox window, but I 
open zillions of them all day long so it might just be the luck of the 



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