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On Friday 30 September 2011 04:07:02 Teika Kazura wrote:
> 1. Do you use compositing = transparency?

Not anymore.  I used to use kompmgr, but it is gone with KDE 3 and I 
have not found a good replacement.  As it is only eye candy, I haven't 
bothered to look very hard either.

> 2. Do you have codes which use event synthesis or replay?

Synthesis, no. Replay, yes: the version of quote-event that also handles 
pointer events.

> 3. Do you use input translation per window? (If you don't know it,
>    see the section "Keymap transition" in the file "KEYBINDINGS".


> 4. Do you use edge-actions except edge-flip and viewport dragging
>    (formerly known as infinite-desktop), that is, our genuinely new
>    feature?

No. I have disabled the flippers because they get in the way when you 
try to click on window borders at the screen edge.

If a flipper is clicked on, could we unmap the flipper, replay the event 
and map the flipper again? Would that get the click replayed to the 
window below? Although the flippers would still mess with enter and 
leave notify event generation, which is important to click-free focus 

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