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Hi all,

2 hours earlier than expected I'm pleased to announce the immediate 
availability of Sawfish 1.8.91 "3 The Hard Way"!

Beginning from this release all uploaded files are signed by me
(download the public key 057549E2 from the keyserver).

About Sawfish-MMC more stuff will me merged before the release-candidate
(beginning of december), don't worry. (Still some helping hand is appreciated)

Have lots of fun!

PS: Combined NEWS for 1.8.90 + 1.8.91




1.8.91 "3 The Hard Way"

   * Updated or New dependencies
        - librep 0.92.0 -> 0.92.1

        - rep-gtk 0.90.4 -> 0.90.7

   * Bug Fixes
        - When cursor-warping was enabled and user switched to a shaded
          window, the cursor warped to the position of the unshaded
          window. This is fixed now.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - When switching between tabbed themes from SawfishConfig, it
          could happens that there were `gaps' in the frame. This is
          fixed now. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In SawfishConfig one could only grab key-bindings, but not
          mouse- or mixed mouse-key-bindings. This is fixed now. (Move
          mouse 20 pixels to grab a `Move' event).  [Christopher

        - SawfishConfig became useless when Sawfish restarted. This is
          now worked-around by simply restarting SawfishConfig when
          Sawfish does. A new `before-restart-hook' has been added for
          this purpose. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In EdgeActions `HotSpot', `HotMove' and `EdgeFlip', it was
          possible to trigger the same event multiple times at a time.
          This is fixed now.  [Jeremy Hankins]

        - Fixed a bug in apps-menu, failing to generate the menu, if a
          desktop-file contains both Categories and the (errorneous)
          Category key, or only the later. [Matthew Love]

        - Fixed a bug in window-manager selection handling. Set all
          fields of the client message event. This prevents bugs, where
          Sawfish sometimes isn't able to replace another
          window-manager or aquiring the screen if no other WM is
          running. [Timo Korvola]

        - When making X request, we might receive and `select' will
          stuck. This is fixed now [Michal Maruska]

        - Avoid calling Xmap for gone windows. [Michal Maruska]

        - Fixed a possible segmentation fault in `leave_notify' [Michal

        - In SawfishConfig the `choice' widget didn't work when the
          choices were numerical values. This is fixed now.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Sawfish-MMC [Michal Maruska]

     Sawfish-MMC was a fork of Sawfish active, while the original
     Sawfish was inactive (2004-2007). Next follows a list of changes
     merged from Sawfish-MMC.
        - Only apply property changes if window as `refresh' property.

        - In the pixmap-cache append pixmaps to the age list, rather
          than prepending.

        - Extend `pixmap-cache-control' to reset and return more

        - `pixmap-cache-images' returns all images in cache.

        - When initializing Sawfish, try to initialize XKB, too.

        - Misc: Drop unused `prog_name' from `display.c'. Call
          `XAddToSaveSet' from a better position in the code. Mar
          `mapped_not_override_p' static. Simplified `property_notify'.

   * EdgeAction changes [Christopher Bratusek]
        - New EdgeActions:
             x `HotMove'. Calls an EdgeAction when dragging a window
               over the edge.

             x `Expose'. Simple expose (one-shot tiling) EdgeAction
               (can also be used stand-alone).  Original code by Mark

             x `Expand'. Drag a window over the edge and it expand to
               the half-screen size.

             x `Show-Desktop'. Toggles between `show-desktop' and

             x `Maximize'. Just for competitive reasons choosable from

        - `before-edge-action-hook' and `after-edge-action-hook'. While
          `enter-flipper-hook' and `leave-flipper-hook' simply respond
          to the mouse entering or leaving the flipper-window, the new
          hooks respond only when an EdgeAction was invoked. The two
          hooks pass the invoked EdgeAction, activated edge and a
          boolean `while-moving' value to the child-function (in that

        - Simplified, more robust EdgeFlip (flip-viewport and
          flip-workspace are now split).

        - Improved logic of blocking an action while another is already
          running. On one hand, see `Bug Fixes' above, on the other
          hand it's now ensured that we dont' activate an edge twice
          when dragging a window over it or when the pointer hits the
          edge via mouse-trapping.

        - New `move-window-to-corner' and `move-window-to-edge' helpers.

        - Updated EdgeAction documentation

   * SawfishConfig changes [Christopher Bratusek]
        - Updated and Improved widgets in SawfishConfig:
             x `file'. The file(-chooser) widget now uses
               GtkFileChooserButton in favour of the ancient
               GtkFileSelectionDialog. The GtkEntry and GtkVBox used as
               helpers became useless and are removed.

             x `font'. The font(-chooser) widget now uses
               GtkFontChooserButton in favour of the ancient
               GtkFontSelectionDialog. The GtkEntry used as helper
               became useless and is removed.

             x `choice', `symbol', `keymap', `frame-style'. Those
               widgets now use GtkComboBoxText in favour of ancient

             x `scheme-boolean'. This widget is now properly

               Old: two checkboxes. First for activating setting,
               second for choosing yes or no.  New: only one checkbox,
               yes or no as usual, shows minus when unset.

             x `number'. The number-widget now has a `stepping'
               property, allowing to change the increment of a
               button-press on the spin-button.

        - New widgets in SawfishConfig:
             x `range'. The range widget represents an integer with a
               given range.  Basically it uses a GtkScale instead of a
               GtkSpinButton, which results in a better user-experience
               for those values.

             x `image'. The image widget contains a preview and
               image-selector.  The file-browser openend is setup to
               display previews, too. Original code by Lucas Pandolfo.

        - Removed widgets in SawfishConfig:
             x `program'. Just an alias to `file'.

             x All `gtk-only' widgets. Since Sawfish 1.5.0 those have
               been dummies, we don't use `libgnome', `libgnomeui' or
               `libgnomecanvas' anymore anyway.

        - New buttons. SawfishConfig now offers buttons to access Wiki,
          Help, ResourceFile and About. Additionally there's now a
          file-chooser for installing themes from `*.tar.*' files.

        - Widgets that depend on an disabled setting are now hidden
          instead of greyed-out.

        - Merged sawfish.cfg.widgets into sawfish.gtk.widgets. Old
          widgets aren't loaded anymore, even if present from an old

        - All defcustoms do now have a property to change the position
          of the label.  To change it, append on of the following to
          the doc-string: \\left \\right \\top \\bottom.


               (defcustom test-var 'eclipse
                 "This is just a test with label on top. \\top"
                 :type (choice eclipse crosshair none)
                 :group appearance)

          Of course that only works, if the label is a GtkLabel widget
          on it's own.

   * Theme/Theming changes [Christopher Bratusek]
          === spoiler === : StyleTab in Sawfish 1.9 add lots of new
          fancyness for the price of beeing slow.  So if you experience
          a long startup-time of Sawfish, it's a feature, not a bug. :
          == /spoiler ===

        - StyleTab changes:
             x The theme is now fully re-colorable. You can choose
               different colors for each button and the frame.
               Furthermore you can choose how much to dimm inactive
               frames (compared to active).

             x Majorly improved the grouping of options in StyleTab.

             x Added corners to frames (allowing resize with mouse at

             x Available styles: Default (former Dark), WixDa (former
               Silver), Reduce, Smoothly and Glass (New).

             x Added hash-tables for images.

        - New themes:
             x Candido

             x Zami-like

        - Improved themes:
             x Gradient has been replaced by Gradient-tabbed.

        - Removed themes [still available from Wiki]:
             x get-S-tabbed

             x brushed-metal

             x simple

             x smaker

             x mono

             x gtk

        - New theme-related configuration-options [theme independent]:
             x Added an option to control the titlebar text position.
               If a theme draws something additional in the titlebar
               (eg. StyleTab draws an icon), refer to the functions
               `update-title-x-offsets', `update-title-y-offsets'.

             x Added an option to control the cursor-shape when
               hovering frame-buttons.

             x Added an option to change the font, depending on the
               window state.

        - Moved definitons for `previous-workspace-button' and
          `next-workspace-button' from StyleTab into Sawfish.

   * New Features
        - Added `single-window-mode'. Basically this feature is known
          from OS-X, though it's implemented in a more strict way. The
          `single-window-mode' window should get all of the users

          This is ensured by auto-iconifying any up-popping window,
          which is not in the same group. To additionally not annoy the
          user this is done without animation. Avoided or ignored
          windows are lowered. When `single-window-mode' is quit, the
          opposite happens.

          Also `single-window-mode' hooks into unmap-notify-hook to
          check whether the user wants to stop `single-window-mode' (by
          either closing or iconifying the window). Besides each
          workspace can hold it's own `single-window-mode'.

        - Added `mouse-trap' feature. It provides a method for moving
          the mouse to any place of the screen by zooming with just a
          few keystrokes. The mouse is warped to the center of the
          screen screen and a outline is drawn dividing the screen in 4
          squares (like trapping the mouse on it).  [Fernando Carmano
          Varo] [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Added `shade-stack' feature. It provides an alternative to
          `iconify-window'.  Instead of iconifying a window or minizing
          it to a tray, the windows get shaded and sorted in a stack
          starting from the top-left corner (the number of columns can
          be changed). Combined with auto-unshade this offers -
          possibly - a better way of interacting with windows which
          aren't required at the moment. Original code by Luke Gorrie.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Integrated settings for selecting wallpaper using an external
          command (eg: hsetroot).  Applying settings to GNOME2 or XFCE4
          is also supported. Original code by Lucas Pandolfo.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Added `toggle-desktop' function. Toggles between
          `show-desktop' and `hide-desktop' - always logically correct.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Miscellaneous Changes
        - Improved desktop-integration modules [Christopher Bratusek]
             x KDE integration: added entries for user-switch,
               hibernate, suspend, lock-screen, menu-editor.

             x XFCE integration: added entries for hibernate, suspend,
               lock-screen, menu-editor.

             x GNOME integration: added entry for lock-screen,

             x The fallback poweroff-menu now uses SSD
               `Sawfish-Session-Dialog', a companion to Sawfish, by
               default. Support for logout and lockdown has been added.
               [Christopher Bratusek]

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