Re: [Sawfish] Re: libtool problem librep 0.92.0

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On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 21:18:42 +0200
wrote Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>I've just seen you switched to Debian. Then you might have a completely 
>different problem: Dash Vs Bash.
>Does running 
>export CONFIG_SHELL="/bin/bash"
>prior to fix the issue for you?
>Sawfish ML

Yes it fix my problem :).

I have not switch to debian, debian run on a patition since ~10 years,
like gentoo and fedora on other patitions. On all tree distros i have
install the same packages, desktops etc ...

By one of the last updates debian must change my shell. I reguar update
my sawfish (since sawfish 1.3) on debian without problemes.

Thank you very mutch


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