[Sawfish] sawfish broken by gnome appearance panel?

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After working around the 'infinite recursion' issue
when starting sawfish, I managed to use it for quite
some time (even updated one of my old themes to work
with it) until I opened the gnome appearance panel,
which must have changed something I cannot figure out

the result is, that basically no mouse related wm
operation works anymore, i.e. I cannot:

 - drag windows around on the screen
 - resize, iconify or maximize windows
 - the window menu doesn't pop up either
 - close a window

interestingly all buttons show the change when pressed
and of course, the window content works fine as well.
I can change the focus as well, and the really funny
part is the moment I switch to metacity, everything
is perfectly fine, when I switch back to sawfish, the
strange behaviour is back as well ...

removing .sawfish and recreating the .sawfish/rc didn't
change anything in this unusual behaviour.

any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance,

Sawfish ML

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