[Sawfish] Comparison of extensible window managers.

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Hi, dear Sawfish users.

Recently I've coined the word "extensible window managers". It
should've been invented long before, but unfortunately I may be the

Anyway Sawfish is the first of the category. Then StumpWM appeared,
and recently Awesome and Xmonad have some popularity.

I think it's worth comparing them, so I created a page for it:

What's the features that make Sawfish superior to them? If you know
any which is missing in that page, please tell us. Once we're well
equipped, I'm going to ask other extensible WM's community.

# I've written a bit in Wikipedia, too, and tried to put a link to
# that page, but external links to wiki pages without good history are
# automatically reverted. It's reasonable.

Teika (Teika kazura)

Sawfish ML

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