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After I got sawfish & co. compiled from git, I noticed my old
merlin.ugliness "magic" didn't work (like displaying coordinates of a
moving window over the window, and centering the window-cycling
indicator over the currently focused window).

The error was: "Unbound variable: expert"

So here's how to fix that (not hard actually)

The link to merlin sources on wikia is dead, so I got the sources with
"apt-get source sawfish-merlin-ugliness"

Grepping for "expert" gives:
icons.jl:168:    :user-level expert
uglicon.jl:69:    :user-level expert
uglicon.jl:78:    :user-level expert
uglicon.jl:87:    :user-level expert
uglicon.jl:96:    :user-level expert
uglicon.jl:103:    :user-level expert

Remove those lines entirely. Copy the sawfish-merlin-ugliness-1.3.1
directory to ~/.sawfish/lisp/merlin and (if it isn't already in the lisp
load path) in your ~/.sawfish/rc add it to the search path:

(setq load-path (append
                 (list (concat (getenv "HOME") "/" ".sawfish/lisp/"))

also actually load it (again add to rc):

(require 'merlin.ugliness)

Now restart sawfish; merlin.ugliness should be available. For example,
go to Customize->Focus and you should see the "Ugliness" and "Extra
Ugliness" branches of the tree.

Incidentally, can anyone tell me how to consistently see the errors
generated when using something like sawfish-client? They don't even seem
to go into .xsession-errors anymore :/


Rafal Kolanski.

Sawfish ML

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