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Hi all,

though I don't believe many are intrested, current progress of rep-gtk 0.90.7:

added a few functions needed by SawfishConfig 1.8.90, additionally updated the
following widgets to GTK+ 2.24 API:

GtkComboBox, GtkComboBoxText, GtkButton, GtkToggleButton, GtkCheckButton,
GtkRadioButton, GtkColorButton, GtkFontButton, GtkFileChooserButton,
GtkLinkButton, GtkFontButton, GtkSpinButton, GtkVolumeButton

Though a few functions are currently not build, as not working. Furthermore I began to move away from huge .def files, instead there will be one for each widget. Will create some almost redundant files (like for GtkVolumeButton), but eases processing the whole thing. Filename is widgets/[WIDGET], eg: widgets/button (not widgets/gtkbutton).


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