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On Sat-2011/05/28-21:38 Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote
(MID <4DE14F4E.1040400@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>):

> so there's a new branch in GIT: misc-1.9
> What's it about? Well, basically changes in SawfishConfig and (possibly) 
> integration of thirdparty-scripts (from Wiki).
> What's new as of now?
> - new widget for SawfishConfig: image (:type image), heavily modified 
> version of the one recently uploaded
> - replaced ancient file-browser with file-chooser-button in file widget 
> (:type file) (:type file-name) (:type program) (:type program-name)
> - added background.jl (as wallpaper.jl), the one recently uploaded to 
> the Wiki, in a heavily modified version, allowing to additionally also 
> set the wallpaper for GNOME2 or XFCE4 (though it's main intend is to 
> have a GUI for wallpaper settings, when using sawfish standalone), 
> currently missing an option for additional parameters to the wallpaper 
> setting application, but I'll add that soon

Couldn't a more descriptive name be choosen?  When I "git clone"
something and then "git branch -v -a" to list all the branches
I instinctively filter out names like "tmp", "misc" etc., especially
with small numbers appended.  "Misc-1.9" sounds "unimportant" while the
branches contents could actually come out as a big improvement!

> Planned stuff:
> - fix above bug
> - more fancyness in UI. As you can see from the attached screenshot, the 
> 'image widget as a way better layout:
>  ____
> |       |  ______
> |       | |______|
> |       | |______|
> |____|
> the three widges are arranged inside a GTKTable (all three), the second 
> column contains a GtkVbox for the GktFileChooserButton and GktEntry, 
> thus the much better look'n'feel, compared to most other widgets (see 
> the lowest option, there the two-line GtkLabel increases the height of 
> the GtkComboBox). I'll be aiming for all widgets to have a better layout.

More wildly diverging, unique features.  Each is nice for sawfish to
have and the module system will propably make it possible to configure
from "lean" to "voluptuous".

How about making each feature its own branch with a good name?  Or
group features into two or three branches, like "SawfishConfig-new",
"file-chooser+GtkComboBox" and "background-set"?

At least there should be a file explaining the branches, what they are
for and how to integrate them while they are WIP, eg. for testing.


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