[Sawfish] Improved defaults for StyleTab and choose-able layout position in SawfishConfig

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Hi all,

good news from theming-1.9 branch:

- better defaults for buttons in  StyleTab
  (left: menu - sticky - shade // right: close - maximize - minimize)
- better grouping of options in StyleTab (less clicks and groups in SawfishConfig)
- better layout of options allowing to choose the button-layout

in sawfish.cfg.layout \\w was defined for label's docstring to put the
GtkLabel left from the other GtkWidget, instead of right.

(example: GtkLabel of frame-style-selector is left from the GtkComboBoxText,
while most other options have the string right).

Now, there are \\top \\bottom and \\left (\\w is kept for compat as companion to \\left), \\right is not defined as it would be so-or-so be right, if not one of the other three.

This allows to place the label in SawfishConfig of a given option in any of the four positions. But: only if the Label is a separate GtkLabel widget. examples:

the flags will work for :type number, as `number' is represented by: GtkSpinButton + GtkLabel the flags won't work for :type boolean, as it's represented by a single GtkCheckButton

Now to give you a feeling of the changes a screenshot is attached.

Have Fun!

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