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Hi all,

I just wanted to inform you about two small side-projects, companions for Sawfish. See it as "Sawfish-Extras".

SFD (Sawfish-Fortune-Dialog): there's no code yet. as the ugly name
suggests, displays fortunes. First need a better name, then create GIT.
I want it to display fortunes in a nice manner on the desktop.

SRD (Sawfish-Run-Dialog): there's no code yet. [It will be a REP port of my GRD¹]

SSD (Sawfish-Session-Dialog): version 0.10 is almost ready. Just a simple
session-dialog, offering logout, reboot, shutdown, lockdown, suspend and
hibernate buttons. Actions are defined in $HOME/.ssdrc. If a specific
function isn't set, the button becomes unclickable.

GIT checkouts as for Sawfish, but using <proj>.git (ssd.git or srd.git) instead of main.git

I wonder whether pager.git should be moved to Sawfish group, rather than beeing a group on it's own?



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