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apologies if I am wrong.

While hacking around with workspaces I stumbled on this.

Info docs for insert-workspace say (1.8.0):

 -- Function: insert-workspace #!optional before
     Insert a new workspace, returning its index.  The new index appears
     before the workspace indicated by BEFORE, or the current workspace
     if BEFORE is `nil'.

from which I understand that (insert-workspace 12) will insert a new
workspace (id=11) *before* WS 12.

Apparently, this is not true, as I could verify: (insert-workspace 12)
will insert a WS *after* WS 12.

Actually, in file workspace.jl, where insert-workspace is defined, I

 ;; insert a new workspace (returning its index) so that the workspace
 ;; before it has index BEFORE

which I understand as the opposite of what info docs say.

As I said, I verified that info docs (if I understand them correctly)
are wrong, or at least misleading.

So I propose to change the documentation for insert-workspace, e.g.

  -- Function: insert-workspace #!optional after
     Insert a new workspace, returning its index.  The new index appears
     after the workspace indicated by AFTER, or the current workspace
     if AFTER is `nil'.

I apologise if I have misunderstood something.

And I thank you very much for developing and making publicly available
such a nice piece of software.


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