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Hi all,

You've just been subscribed to the new Sawfish mailing-list.

It's not yet in use, so please still post your questions to the old one.
Feel free to do some testing. Now here are some links to get familiar
with Tuxfamily.org:

http://tuxfamily.org -- mainpage
http://webmail.tuxfamily.org -- if you enabled USERNAME@xxxxxxxxxxxxx mail
http://panel.tuxfamily.org -- access to the administrative panel (VHFFS)
http://faq.tuxfamily.org -- Wiki with instructions for new and old users
http://forum.tuxfamily.org -- official Forum (french section way more active)
Links for Sawfish on Tuxfamily can be found in the three announcements I made,
and at sawfish.tuxfamily.org
http://sawfish.tuxfamily.org/flyspray will be our new bugtracker, feel free to 
test and to report any issues you've while checking it out. I'll manually 
import all open bugs to Flyspray this weekend.

If there are any questions left, don't be shy and ask away.

Kind Regards,

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