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From: Arun Kishore Eswara <eswara.arun@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun 12 Aug, 2018, 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Interest to help the project
To: Fernando Mateu Palou de Comasema <fdomateu@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear Fernando,

Yes, the code is available at the git you indicated. Please copy that. It will be in reST syntax..

Please refer to sphinx documentation for more information.



On 12-Aug-2018 6:52 PM, "Fernando Mateu Palou de Comasema" <fdomateu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Arun,

Is it the code from the link copied bellow?

Do you have tha actual code from the wiki? can you explain me what is yout intention? I do not whant to make something completely different to you, I want to help you. For the moment I only have basic knolege on programing, I will need time to study and work on it.

Many thanks

El dom., 12 ago. 2018 a las 14:59, Arun Kishore Eswara (<eswara.arun@xxxxxxxxx>) escribió:
Dear Fernando,

I have the sphinx code for the documentation. It will not vary much even if you want to make a wiki documentation.

Please let me know if you need this code.



On Sun 12 Aug, 2018, 5:31 PM Fernando Mateu Palou de Comasema, <fdomateu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hellow everybody,

I have been reading about QElectroTech and I have some questions to you before starting to work on the update work from the manual.

1- Reading the forum from QET0.6 release I have seen that the Nuri is working on a new web.Which impact has on the actual web?
2- I have seen that a wiki of the project has also been created. What is the intention of the project? having all documentation inside the wiki as other open source softwares like FreeCAD or create a web like Blender or GIMP?
3- At the case that the intention is to have the wiki, is there any insterst to have the manual in the wiki or should be separated as now it is?
4- How are you developing the wiki? Where can I download the source code like the old manual source code in Git?

I have attached a first diagram propose for the architecture of the web with the integration of the QElectroTech User Manual at the wiki. This propose is inspired on the project FreeCAD, other open source software that I use at home.

Best regards

El sáb., 11 ago. 2018 a las 0:23, laurent Trinques (<scorpio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>) escribió:
Dear Fernando,

you are welcome.

Perhaps you could try to work on documentation?
This manual is now very old and need to be updated.

GIT repository :

Documentation is based on Sphinx inventory software.

Old html output :

Example Russian translation :

QET 0.5 release

QET 0.6 release

Best regards


Le mercredi 8 août 2018 20:53:00 CEST, vous avez écrit :
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> I send you again a mail because I have prepared a document that gives you a
> better view about what I am used to see about electrical shematics and how
> I manage them. I hope that all this information is enough for you to
> analyse my knowledge on the field and how I can be usefull for the project.
> Best regards
> Fernando
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> From: Fernando Mateu Palou de Comasema <fdomateu@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: mar., 7 ago. 2018 a las 22:17
> Subject: Interest to help the project
> To: <scorpio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> My name is Fernando Mateu, I am industrial engineer from Spain and I am
> working at Germany. I work for a multinacional company that is making the
> engineering and controlling the manufactring, erection and commisioning of
> heavy rail machines for coke plants at the steel sector. At my company we
> use Inventor profesiona for the 3D CAD model, AutoCAD for hydraulic and
> pneumatic  schemes, EPLAN for electric schemes and Step 7 and TIA portal
> for automation.
> My work is to control and make supervision of the projects, I am part of
> the management team at the projects and I have to make spot checks of the
> mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering. I only check on
> deep the issues that are problematics. The only software that I do not use
> is EPLAN, I have used only a few times, but I can read the schematics and I
> have a view about what are doing the people that make drawings, many times
> I am in front of them for controlling or asking for changes.
> About programing, I have experience with python, I used at the university
> during two years and I programed microcontrollers from Micriship and
> arduino at the three subjects from electronics.I also programed PLC at the
> university and at the company when I have been on side for commisioning.
> Actually I cannot make development by my selve but my intention is to learn
> about C++ and Qt5 with you. I have never made web development and I also
> cannot make by myselve web design.
> I am interested to participate on the project from Qelectrotech for the
> following reason:
> 1- It is a software tha is part of my engineering field
> 2- I am interested to participate on international project, the actual
> world is characterized by the globalization.An open source project is the
> best way to know other cultures and people from many places
> 3- The future of the electrical industry are the smart grids and green
> energies. Qelectrotech can be part of this like EPAN and, may be the
> competence in a few years.
> 4- I am very polivalent and I have daily contact with subcontractor
> companies from many sectors, increasing my skills programing and making web
> development is my next step and I want to do because is fundamental to
> increase the productivity at the office using macros and small aplications
> from project to project.
> 5- It is a free way to learn a evolucinate as person
> 6- I can increase my english skills and, who knows if I will learn
> something from any other languaje. I am used to use 4 languajes per day.
> 7- I am still joung, I finished the university two years ago with 23 years,
> and I have time to participate at this project after football training or
> the weekends.
> As I have mentioned, today I do not have the knolage to start to develope
> at Qelectrotech or make web development. My intention is to start to
> colaborate making tranlations. At the same time that I make spanish
> translation from the software or the web, I can learn how it is and at the
> future I will maybe be able to help. If you are interested, I also can help
> you to create blocks or propose new features that I see at my work.
> I hope this information is usefull for you to evaluate if I can be usefull
> at the poject. For any question, do not be hesitate to ask me.
> Best regards
> Fernando

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