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I found the origin of the the crash, the main problem is not with qet main but with the element editor.

1) add a new element, the element editor is open
2) add 3 bornes
3) press cntrl + Z (undo)
4) Now there are 2 bornes at drawing and 3 bornes at tree or parties list

Now the big picture (see attached files)

1) Add "bornera_frontera_2.elmt" and "bornera_frontera_3.elmt" to the custom element folder, both have the problem with undo.
2) Open "Multifilar tipico barrera 2.qet"
3) Goto "GM Barrera" folio
4) delete the element over the label "A Variador Barrera"

Imágenes integradas 1

5) Replace it with the small "bornera_frontera_2.elmt", see the result in the next picture
Imágenes integradas 2
6) Save and close
7) Try open the file


Marcelo Miacca


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