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Dear Qet,

I am taking a little break till third week of May due to academic year end activity. I will resume building and enhancing the documentation sooner.
On the other hand recently I had the issue of teaching Pipe line Isometric drafting to students and felt that Qet should be the ideal to offer an easier approach.
It would be rewarding to me to develop my coding skills and possibly work to make QET to draft isometric drawings of electrical and piping systems.

Will be back soon.



On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 1:10 AM, laurent Trinques <scorpio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le lundi 4 mai 2015, 15:06:43 Marcelo Miacca a écrit :
> Dear
> While design a title block, the variables must be %{title}, %title or must
> be traslated?
> Tks in advance
> *Marcelo Miacca*
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> Email: mmiacca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <jfuentes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hello Marcelo,

Yes, you can translated this variables, but if you only want to export title
bloc in other language, for international users.
Title bloc variables if has translated values can changed automatic by setting
language application.



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